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Child Custody

During a divorce, the top priority is the welfare of the children.

The children are just as hurt and confused about this separation as you and they also need answers. The problem is, often times you and your spouse do not have the same goals or ideas of how to raise your kids. We will help you navigate the issues of co-parenting and protecting your children.

In Arizona, custody is broken into two separate parts:

Parenting Time: Parenting time is essentially the schedule of when the children are with you and when they are with their other parent.

Legal Decision-Making: Legal decision-making is the legal right and responsibility to make the major decisions for your children like, where will they go to school, what medical treatments they will have, what extra-curricular activities they will participate in, and what religious ordinances they will perform.

These important decisions will affect your children’s lives throughout all their adolescent years. Teaching you how this works and fighting to maintain your right to protect your children is our primary concern.

Call us today to make sure that your kids are protected, now and into the future.

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